From Orlando to Australia, trampolines to skydiving, SLICK CITY takes you on a first hand ride into the lives of some of today’s greatest wakeboarders. Featuring 2009 MasterCraft Pro Tour Champ Harley Clifford, Bob Soven, Jeff McKee, James Balzer, Daniel Doud, Shelby Kantar, and World Champ Rusty Malinoski. Near death experiences, history making 1080’s, and ramp building 101 are just a few of the things you’ll see when you watch Slick City.

We head back to the Tiki Shack for those epic desert shots, but this time with a twist. Check out the guys as they strap on their tool belts and try to jimmy rig a moving system for the 30 ft. rail they built in the driveway. Watch veteran champ Rusty Malinoski show rookies Harley Clifford and Bob Soven the ropes of being a top-level professional rider. While Balzer gives Bob some “special” lessons on how to defend him self since he’s a redhead and all….

Find out if all the guys make it to Australia, who knew customs doesn’t take waterlogged passports? And can anyone understand what Harley is saying?

The SLICK CITY world premiere is May 1, 2010 in Orlando, Florida at the Plaza Cinema Café at 8pm. Ticket information will be available at the Body Glove tent during Wake Games. Slick City DVDs will be available June 2010 and if you miss the premiere check your local FuelTV listings for the Blue Carpet Special from the premiere.

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