Slingshot Sports founders Jeff and Tony Logosz start Moonshine Manufacturing. According to Tony Logosz, “We are very excited to be involved with such an important opportunity. Not only are we starting a factory, but we are also adding a complete R&D ‘Kitchen’ to advance new ideas and technologies. It’s really amazing as we are already seeing tangible results with our Custom Culture Graphics concept, and I expect to see more revolutionary ideas in the years to come”. Jeff and Tony will retain their current positions at Slingshot Sports and Moonshine will operate with an independent team of professional managers, process engineers and assemblers who have a passion for innovation and composite technology. “We are pleased to combine our 30 years of board building experience, and financial support with the manufacturing knowledge of Ebb Wieczorek , Willis Bullard and Andy Fisher. This team is passionate and focused on building the next generation of boards in a NEW state of the art factory”, says Jeff Logosz. Ebb Wieczorek adds, “Our overall goal is to create more value for all of our customers and re-focus our core efforts on manufacturing in the U.S.A. The products this factory will create will resonate strongly with the entire community of action sports customers”. Currently Moonshine will manufacture products for Slingshot Sports and Company Wake . Additional OEM brands will be announced as they come online. We are especially thankful to the Skamania County Economic Council, and the Port of Skamania who have combined efforts to provide additional support that will help make the factory state of the art in every way. The name “Moonshine” comes from the occasional alias used by Tony in his legacy of custom surfboard shaping. We found the name fitting, considering we will be making high-tech and powerful products in our own back yard. If you are a brand manager considering moving your production back to the USA, please send us an email, and let’s see what kind of magic Moonshine can add to your product.