Hood River, OR – July 20, 2012 – Slingshot Sports is pleased to announce the addition of Jason Hammons and Brian Douglass to the North American Slingshot Sales Team.   Jason and Brian are dedicated East Coast and West Coast Sales Representatives for the Wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding product categories.

Jason Hammons is an avid Wake and Standup Paddle Boarder with eight+ years of experience in the marine industry and 3 years as an independent sales representative for Slingshot Sports. Jason will focus his efforts on the entire East Coast and will be based out of Cookeville, TN. “I am extremely stoked to be hired as an employee, and develop my career, with a company that is dedicated to building the most innovative and highest quality Watersports products in the world”, said Jason.

Brian Douglass is an avid Kite, Wake and Standup Paddle Boarder who has proven himself during the past 2 years in our customer service and warranty department.   Brian will focus his efforts on the West Coast/Latin America and will work out of our Headquarters in Hood River, OR. “I’ve worked hard the past 2 years learning the business and developing relationships with all of our customers around the world. I’m excited for this new opportunity and looking forward to helping our partners grow sales in the West Coast and Latin America”, said Brian.

“The relationships and skills that Brian and Jason have built over the years will complement their new roles and expanded territories.  I’m very excited that the demand for our Wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding products have grown to the point that we can invest in a dedicated, professional sales team for this division.” , said Greg Kish

Brian and Jason will work under the direction of Greg Kish, our North American Sales Manager, to help grow Slingshot Wakeboarding and Slingshot Paddleboarding in the Americas.   According to Greg “This team will be the driving force behind the future of Slingshot Wake and Slingshot SUP”.

Jason and Brian will be making calls to introduce themselves over the next few weeks, but please feel free to contact them

Jason Hammons
East Coast Sales Wake & SUP

Brian Douglass
West Coast/Latin America Sales Wake & SUP
509-427-4950 xt 350

Greg Kish
North American Sales Manager
509-427-4950 xt 352


Over the last 13 years the Slingshot crew has dedicated endless time and effort channeling their passion for Watersports to people throughout the world.  Established in 1999, Slingshot Sports LLC has worked diligently to establish a solid reputation in the Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding and Standup Paddleboarding market by manufacturing high-quality products, setting innovative construction and design standards, and dressing it all up with an image that is unique, edgy and young.