Stevenson WA – August 11, 2008 – Slingshot Sports announces the addition of Wade Wagley to the sales team as the Sales Manager of Wakeboarding.
“For several months Slingshot Sports has been looking for the perfect candidate to take on the position of Sales Manager of Wakeboarding,” said Greg Kish, Vice President of Sales. “Slingshot Sports is growing rapidly, and with the incredible feedback from our 2008 wakeboarding product line, we felt it necessary to have a full-time dedicated resource for our NEW wakeboarding customers.”
As an established sales professional, Wade has over ten years of experience in the action sports industry and more than eight years in retail, retail management, and sales. Wade was most recently an outside sales representative for Jet Pilot (AZ, NV, and NM) and the store manager for The Greenhouse Ride Shop (Norco, CA).
Wade has a strong foundation in wakeboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. “With all the skills and experience Wade brings to the table, we feel that he is a perfect fit at Slingshot Sports,” according to Greg. Wade will be making calls to introduce himself over the next few weeks, but please feel free to contact him at the information below.
Over the last nine years the Slingshot crew has dedicated endless time and effort channeling their passion for watersports to people throughout the world. Established in 1999, Slingshot Sports LLC has worked diligently to establish a solid reputation in both the kiteboarding and wakeboarding market by manufacturing high-quality products, setting construction and design standards, and dressing it all up with an image that is unique, edgy and young.

Wade Wagley
Sales Manager of Wakeboarding
Tel USA: 877-775-4832 ext. 61
INTL: 509-427-4950 ext.61
Fax: 509-427-4566