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It’s no question that rail riding has evolved a lot since I released my first Signature Feature with UNIT.

Using the countless rails I have ridden and influences from my worldwide travels, I wanted to assemble the ideas that appealed to me the most and design one ultimate riding feature.

At first glance it just may look like UNIT’s first single to double rail – but the details are camouflaged within. With the height no more than 40cm between the rails and side tables, the rails actually are not so intimidating. In addition, the smooth butter transitions in between the double rail, on the creeper ledge, and on the side table allow for some unique jib experiences.

Whether you’re looking to get super technical, or just want to progress to the next level, this feature will make you dream possibilities. Rideable from every direction, compatible for both sides of the cable and System 2.0 friendly, this feature is beyond versatile.

Give it a go. I challenge you to find every line possible. I’m sure we can find a few more!

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