The concept of Malibu’s Surf Gate Firsthand is to gather an exclusive group of athletes and industry with the intention of improving the activity of wakesurfing on all levels. Now in its second year, this invite-only, collaborative event encourages the participants to get behind the boat, share ideas and network with wakesurfing’s top athletes like Johnny Stieg, Coby Mikacich, Brian Grubb along with a boatload of industry gurus. This is a first class event and it was the biggest thing going on in wakesurfing last month. The hotel set up was at The Cliffs resort right on Pismo Beach where you immediately get the sense the two day event is all about surfing and its lifestyle. To enhance this wakesurfing experience we were told on the first morning to go surf out in front of the hotel and focus this experience for thoughts on the lake by noon. It’s a destination of surf dreams with Lake Lopez less than 20 minutes away. We had an amazing surf stoked morning from the ocean, which lead directly to a wakesurfer’s dream on the lake sitting in the hills just outside Pismo Beach. The lake sits sandwiched between the green hills and you can’t help but feel as if you may be in far off Ireland. This event is all about encouraging ideas, implanting stoke, and having talented pro’s on tap so the industry gurus have ideas and motivation to grow the wakesurfing dream throughout the year. So get ready as we unleash a three-part article, we hope you’re ready because if your not you are going to get blown away –JS


Athlete: Brian Grubb


Lake Lopez

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Athlete:Pat Millin

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Pismo Cliffs Resort