Team Hair Leads as Eight Divisions Wrap Up McCullough, GilanFarr Three-peat at Nautique Wake Games

Orlando, Fla. — Last night, 100 professional and amateur wakeboarders were each drafted to one of 10 teams as part of a unique team format featured at the 2011 Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink. The format allows drafted riders to contribute points to their team’s overall score based on their individual placement within their respective divisions.

Teams began tallying points today, as eight divisions wrapped up their competition at the Orlando Watersports Complex, with Team Hair pacing the field.

Captained by pro rider Austin Hair, Team Hair finished the day with six riders contributing 466 points toward the team’s total score. Charlotte Bryant and Massi Piffaretti took first place in the Jr. Women and Jr. Men’s divisions, respectively. Jaren Nilsen finished in second place in the Amateur Wakeskate division, while Tracy Baynham and Justin Gratzfeld placed third in the Amateur Women and Jr. Men’s divisions, respectively. Danny Thollander also contributed points to his team’s score, but failed to advance past the Pro Men’s division quarterfinals.

With a commanding lead and four more riders set to contribute points during tomorrow’s finals, Team Hair is the favorite to win the 2011 Nautique Wake Games team title.

Also making waves today at the Orlando Watersports Complex were 24-year-old Jenn GilanFarr and 12-year-old Taylor McCullough, who each captured their third straight Nautique Wake Games win. GilanFarr is now a three-time Women’s Wakeskate champion, while McCullough captured her third consecutive Girl’s division title.

The Nautique Wake Games will wrap up tomorrow, Sunday, May1, with the ticketed event beginning at 9 a.m. and lasting until 4 p.m. Tickets are available at the gate: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

In addition to all the action on the water, on land the Nautique Wake Games features great food and music, athlete autograph signings, chances to win freebies, and shopping at the most cutting-edge stores offering water-sports equipment including boats, wakeboards, wakeskates, sunglasses and the latest in wakeboarding and surfing fashions.

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The Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Correct Craft, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, Peavey, Mona Vie, Fox, Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, Liquid Force, Byerly, Oakley, PCM Marine Engines and Your Mom.

About Nautique
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April 30 – Day 3 Results:

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #1
1  Trevor Hansen               USA        80.00
2  Andrew Adkison           USA        71.67
3  Jeff House                       USA        51.67

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #2
1  Dean Smith                    AUS        73.33
2  Olivier Derome             CAN        63.33
3  Alexander Brown           USA        45.00

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #3
1  Adam Errington            USA        70.00
2  JD Webb                         USA        61.67
3  Scott Stewart                  USA        50.00

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #4
1  Josh Palma                     USA        70.00
2  Jimmy Trask                 USA        46.67
3  Danny Burnstein           USA        40.00

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #5
1  Austin Hair                    USA        73.33
2  Sam Thomson                AUS        66.67
3  Jason Bannatyne           CAN        50.00

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #6
1  Rusty Malinoski           CAN        76.67
2  Nick Jones                     USA        68.33
3  Ben Greenwood             USA        58.33

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #7
1  Aaron Rathy                   CAN        63.33
2  Jeff Weatherall             NZL        50.00
3  Danny Harf                     USA        DNR

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #8
1  Bob Soven                       USA        70.00
2  Adam Fields                   USA        60.00
3  Chad Sharpe                   CAN        35.00

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #9
1  Harley Clifford              AUS        80.00
2  Steel Lafferty                 USA        66.67
3  Danny Thollander         USA        55.00

Pro Men
Quarterfinal Round – Heat #10
1  Phillip Soven                  USA        78.33
2  Shaun Murray               USA        70.00
3  Nick Galotifore               USA        68.33

Pro Women
Semifinal Round – Heat #1
1  Amber Wing                  AUS        77.50
2  Raimi Merritt                USA        73.33
3  Emily Durham               USA        67.77
4  Melissa Marquardt        USA        61.00

Pro Women
Semifinal Round – Heat #2
1  Nicola Butler                 GBR        58.33
2  Barrett Perlman           USA        51.67
3  Meagan Ethell                USA        47.20
4  Ann Hajek                       USA        41.10

Pro Wakeskate
Semifinal Round – Heat #1
1  Brian Grubb                   USA        80.00
2  Danny Hampson            USA        71.67
3  Brandon Thomas           USA        60.00
4  Oliver Moore                  GBR         56.67
5  George Daniels               USA        23.33

Pro Wakeskate
Semifinal Round – Heat #2
1  Reed Hansen                  USA        83.33
2  Grant Roberts                USA        63.33
3  Stuart Shinn                    USA        48.33
4  Forrest Risner                 USA        33.33
5  Matt Hayden                  USA        25.00

Jr. Pro Men
Semifinal Round – Heat #1
1  Freddie Wayne              USA        93.50
2  Dylan Prideaux              AUS        83.75
3  Robbie McMillin            USA        83.25
4  Shota Tezika                   JPN          79.50

Jr. Pro Men
Semifinal Round – Heat #2
1  Daniel Powers               USA        100.00
2  Noah Flegel                    USA        85.50
3  Joshua Twelker              USA        82.25
4  Gus Shuler                      USA        72.25

Jr. Men
Final Round – Heat #1
1  Massi Piffaretti             USA        68.33
2  Tripp Brown                   USA        58.33
3  Justin Gratzfeld              CAN        50.00
4  Dylan Branch                 USA        38.33

Final Round – Heat #1
1  Taylor McCullough      USA        70.00
2  Giorgia Gregorio             ITA         60.00
3  Larissa Morales             MEX       46.67

Veteran Women
Final Round – Heat #1
1  Kat Laird                        USA        50.00
2  Susan Sheehan              USA        33.33
3  Paula Fay                        USA        20.00

Jr. Women
Final Round – Heat #1
1  Charlotte Bryant                   GBR        63.33
2  Rachel Orgill                           USA        55.00
3  Maria Vicoria de Armas        ARG        40.00

Final Round – Heat #1
1  Darren Holsey               USA        63.33
2  Mark Norwell                  USA        55.00
3  Gonzalo Renosto           ARG        46.67

Amateur Women
Final Round – Heat #1
1  Brooke Grassman        USA        60.00
2  Carolina Rodriguez        MEX       36.67
3  Tracy Baynham              USA        16.67

Women’s Wakeskate
Final Round – Heat #1
1  Jen GilanFarr                USA        70.00
2  Kristine Gagnier             USA        50.00
3  Krista Burns                   USA        33.33

Amateur Wakeskate
Final Round – Heat #1
1  Jim Branton                   USA        53.33
2  Jeren Nilson                    USA        40.00
3  Craig Buss                      USA        36.67