Texas State wins the inaugural collegiate cable wakeboard competition. It seems only fitting that in his last semester at school Tom Fooshee leads Texas State to victory in the first ever collegiate cable wakeboard team event. The collegiate competition was created by Witt and Trip Finley to build cable wakeboarding on a collegiate level as well as to raise money for the Austin’s Children Shelter. As more cables pop up across the country, this event will continue to grow into one of the largest and most fun cable events of the year. This year’s event was combined with Texas Ski Ranch’s Fall Festival which made for a great weekend despite cold and rainy weather.

TSR favorites Tom Fooshee won the men’s wakeboard division and Bret Little won the wakeskate division which built the suspense heading into the weekends final event, the Team Finals. These good friends and former roommates were pitted against each other with Tom riding for Texas State and Bret Little riding for ACC (Austin Community College). After Saturday’s preliminary rounds for the individual competition were finished, four teams: Texas State, ACC, the University of Texas and the University of Central Florida advanced to the team finals. The individual competition decided which teams made it to the final four but the final results were determined during a jam session format that had each five member team (three men wakeboarders, one female and a wakeskater) riding on the water simultaneously for 12 minutes.

The trash talking had started weeks before between the local teams. Captains recruited avid riders to take place in the competition, but it wasn’t until the last day that both Texas State and ACC secured a female rider which was an integral part to the team scores. While many of the operators at TSR attend Texas State & ACC, event organizer Witt Finley captained the UT team and UCF seem to challenge for the title in any collegiate wakeboard event. While Texas State came out on top, the real winners were the kids from the Austin Children’s Shelter who were the recipients of over $7500 raised by the weekend’s events. Not only were the entry fees donated, but a large part due to the Finley family, sponsors contributed a large portion of the donation to the kids.

On the individual collegiate side of things Callie McCool of Texas State took home the top spot for the female collegiate division while Courtney Boedeker of UT finished as runner up. Stewart Dewar and Jesse Landry both attend Texas State took second and third respectively in wakeskate to Champion Bret Little who rode for ACC.  Tom Fooshee took home the men’s title while Cody Johnson made another strong showing but had to settle for second and Kyle Cameron, a newcomer to the cable who has adapted his boat skills nicely, found himself on the podium for the first time with a third place finish.

Because the event was part of the Fall Festival, TSR also hosted an open wakeboard and wakeskate division for those wanting to compete again as well as those not attending college. This included high school riders and international riders from as far away as Germany. Despite the large turnout, Tom and Bret again took home the titles. While Cody Johnson also repeated his second place performance in wakeboard, Matt Davidson made some noise in the wakeskate division. Matt repeatedly stuck a huge backside 3 off the helium kicker and put pressure on Bret Little with his diverse riding. The open wakeboard division had 20 riders which included many young riders that are learning skills at an alarming rate and push the accomplished riders to continue pushing the sport. 
TSR would like to thank the Finley Family and all of the staff, sponsors and riders that made this weekend possible, which in turn helped raise money for the Austin Children’s Center!



1 TX STATE – 415pts
Tom Fooshee, Sam Scoggins, Hunter Brack, Stewart Dewar, Callie McCool


2 ACC – 395pts
Cody Johnson, Kyle cameron, Roland Keller, Bret Little, Gabriela Elizondo


3 UT – 375pts
Witt Finley, Steven Cahail, Keagan LeBlanc, Courtney Boedeker


4 UCF – 315pts
Mark Soltys, Aaron Abel, Zach Lindamond, Aaron Abel

College Womens Wakeboard Individual Finals
1 Callie McCool TX STATE
2 Courtney Boedeker TEXAS
3 Gabriella Elizondo ACC

College Wakeskate Individual Finals
1 Bret Little ACC
2 Stewart Dewar TX STATE
3 Jesse Landry TX STATE

College Mens Wakeboard Individual Finals
1 Tom Fooshee TX STATE 85
2 Cody Johnson ACC 75
3 Kyle Cameron ACC 63
4 Sam Scoggins TX STATE 56
5 Hunter Brack TX STATE 46
6 Witt Finley TEXAS 45
7 Steven Cahail TEXAS 38
8 Mark Soltys UCF 36
9 John Powell TX STATE 30

Open Mens Wakeskate Individual Finals
1 Bret Little
2 Matt Davidson
3 David Roehm
4 Stewart Dewar
5 Zach Roede
6 Jesse Landry

Open Mens Wakeboard Individual Finals
1 Tom Fooshee 86
2 Cody Johnson 78
3 Sam Scoggins 51
4 Kyle Cameron 50
5 Connor Shepherd 42
6 Hunter Brack 41
7 Donald Konomos 35
8 Thorston Berneclier 31
9 John Deere 28
10 Roland Keller 24
11 Bryan Wogrin 23
12 Holland Finley 20