From Abu Dhabi, UAE (June 1, 2014) – The 2014 WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort will set a new standard over the three day event in Abu Dhabi, UAE from November 57, 2014. This elite event will highlight the world’s best amateur and professional wakeboarders and wakeskaters in both traditional “cable” divisions and “Features only” divisions. The event hand out an additional $10,000 USD in prize money from previous years, raising the total amount to $40,000 USD, but will also bring in top notch DJs, intense karting races and perfect conditions for riders to lay down the most insane riding.

In traditional style formats, wakeboarders and wakeskaters will have the cable to themselves as they put together their best pass including flats tricks, rail ticks and kicker tricks. The top ranked pro riders such as Tom Fooshee (USA), Matty Hasler (AUS) and Daniel Grant (THI) will throw down tricks like nose grabbed S-Mobe 5s, Stalefish KGBs and Frontside 1080s all while pressing out each rail to the max in a single run.

In the Features Only divisions, a crowd and rider favorite, is a unique format in which four riders are loaded up on the cable at the same time, a timer is set and with unlimited falls, riders can go all out to get the absolute best tricks possible in their bag. Each rider’s single best hit in each section of the park is used for scoring. Pro Features top ranking riders, Daniel Grant (THI), Tom Fooshee (USA) and Julian Cohen (USA) will see if powerhouse riders Raph Derome (CDN) and Bob Soven (USA) will make the venture over to the Middle East and take on the top Pro Features riders head on.

At Al Forsan International Sports Resort, the action never stops. With top-notch facilities all around, as soon as riders get off the water, there’s karting, paintball, archery, shooting, equestrian and much more waiting. This year’s event will offer special pricing for competitors on all sporting, so make sure to get signed up at today.

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2013 Results:

Pro Women’s

  1. Julia Rick (GER)
  2. Courtney Angus (AUS)
  3. Maxine Sapulette (NLD)

Pro Women’s Features

  1. Courtney Angus (AUS)
  2. Julia Rick (GER)
  3. Ange Schriber (RSA)

Pro Men’s

  1. Matty Hasler (AUS)
  2. James Windsor (AUS)
  3. Dominik Guerhs (GER)

Pro Men’s Features

  1. Daniel Grant (THI)
  2. Tom Fooshee (USA)                                   Just a simple Backlip from Daniel Grant
  3. Chandler Powell (USA)

Corum_0744 Cropped

Chandler Powell Launching a sick Method over the Desert Sun