Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Sept. 11, 2014) One of the largest and most prestigious action-packed sports events on the planet kicked off today at Mills Pond Park when the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra Boats began. More than 200 of the world’s best professional and amateur wakeboarders and wakeskaters in 20 plus divisions are competing in the annual invitation-only event for a shot at a world title.

The day was set up perfectly with sizzling temperatures and glass-like water for amateur riders shredding behind the massive wakes of the Supra Boats’ SE550 and SA450.  The Indmar ROUSH charged Raptor 575 engine made its debut in a tournament today.

The young rippers started the morning throwing down tricks like melon 180s, ollie backside 180s and heelside backrolls.  The Junior Boy’s Beginner competitors had neck-in-neck runs of two heats.  After judges’ scores were tallied, it would be Brett Powell, Karson Prowse, Xavier Olea Vorhauer and Alexander Albin advancing to tomorrow’s finals.  In the Girl’s division, Shannon Sahinbas of heat 2 led the scoreboards to move on, along with Sarah Deary, Holly Watt and Mary Morgan Howell.

Erika Lang of the Junior Women’s division killed her run and landed the heelside frontside 540 and a large front flip into the flats.  Looking to take the finals, she rides tomorrow with Vicky de Armas, Jamie Lopina, Daniela Levy, Lorena Vergara Jasso and Sofia Dinatale.

“Today was some of the best am riding I have ever seen at Wakeboard Worlds,” said Rob Corum, executive director of The World Wakeboard Association and Men’s II rider.  “The wake behind the new Supra gave riders the opportunity to ride to their full potential.”

Junior Men’s was filled with riders from seven different countries around the world spanning from New Zealand and Australia, over to Colombia and Mexico.  Heading into tomorrow, Erik Schroeder, Cobe France, Lew Watt, Victor Cadette Cordeio, Justin McMahon and Guenther Oka will go for broke as they try to land a spot on the coveted podium.  Four heats of the Boy’s division closed out day one of the championships with Tyler Worrall, Zach McCauley, Joshua Swift, Kevin Duffy, Sam Brown, Pedro Caldas, Elliot Digney and Kai Ditsch moving on.

The action continues all weekend long and an off-site awards ceremony will be hosted on Saturday, Sept. 13 at 6:30 p.m., at the Ft. Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa for all divisions that have completed finals thus far.  On Sunday, fans can stay for the one-of-a-kind CONTOUR Big Air Contest.

Online adult tickets for the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra are available for $7 (46% off the gate price) Gate prices are: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

WWA Wakeboard World Championships Day One Results

Junior Boy’s Beginner – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Brett Powell 86.67
2. Karson Prowse 73.33
3. Keithen Burns 50.33
4. Pierce Ralston 15.00

Heat 2
1. Xavier Olea Vorhauer 81.67
2. Alexander Albin 71.67
3. Laird Stidham 54.33

Junior Girl’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Mackenzie McCarthy 83.33
2. Sydney Deary 66.67
3. Kaitlyn Adams 51.67
4. Adriana Muniz 40.00

Heat 2
1. Kyla Hendricks 80.00
2. Palmer Howell 58.33
3. Bailey Brown 40.00

Girl’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Sarah Deary 74.33
2. Mary Morgan Howell 56.67
3. Marla Fay 46.67
4. Skylar Holladay 35.00

Heat 2
1. Shannon Sahinbas 80.33
2. Holly Watt 74.33
3. Hollie Waldrop 62.33
4. Sofia Mendez 50.00
5. Sofia Monroy 31.67

Boy’s Beginner – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Drew Drennan 68.67
2. Rocco Ralston 65.67
3. Pablo Monroy 52.33

Amateur Wakeskate – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Jake Kappler 68.33
2. Tyler Sommer 55.33
3. Togawa Reona 44.33
4. Michael Fay 35.00
5. Drew Drennan 18.33

Women’s Wakeskate – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Kaitlyn Adams 63.33

Junior Boy’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Fynn Bullock 91.33
2. Daniel Johnson 75.00
3. Gabriel Benetton 63.33
4. Taiga Takamura 33.33

Junior Women’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Erika Lang 85.00
2. Vicky de Armas 72.00
3. Abigal Prowse 46.33
4. Regina Arce 45.00

Heat 2
1. Jamie Lopina 76.67
2. Daniela Levy 63.33
3. Mackayla Petrie 50.67
4. Gianna Dinatale 41.33

Heat 3
1. Lorena Vergara Jasso 75.00
2. Sofia Dinatale 57.67
3. Taylor Oxford 41.67

Masters Women’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Anastasia Shupliakova 66.67
2. Natalie Graham 53.33

Veteran Women’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Joy Manning 65.33
2. Kat Laird 50.00
3. Susan Sheehan 41.67
4. Paula Fay 21.67

Amateur Women’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Rebecca Miller 78.33
2. Tess Lima 60.00
3. Staci Cross 51.67
4. Ang Sisul 40.00

Jr. Men – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Erik Schroeder 81.67
2. Cobe France 74.00
3. Ethan Rau 70.00
4. Jorge Alberto Perez 66.00
5. Henrique Daibert 60.00
6. Ramen Fuentes 56.67

Heat 2
1. Victor Cadette Cordeio 78.33
2. Lewy Watt 71.67
3. Clayton Holladay 65.00
4. Jorge Rocha 50.00
5. Brad Haakma 33.33

Heat 3
1. Justin McMahon 81.67
2. Guenther Oka 71.67
3. Tyler Sommer 55.00
4. Bryson Hancock 49.33
5. Rintaro Fujii 21.67

Men’s II – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Sam Cole 78.33
2. Jorge Enrique Garizurieta 70.00
3. Tyler Heinz 64.00
4. Eduardo Soares 58.33
5. Rob Corum 57.33

Veteran’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Christopher Full 76.67
2. Darren Holsey 68.33
3. Martin Cattaneo 55.00
4. Toru Ohmae 36.67

Heat 2
1. Matt Vermillion 80.00
2. Billy Garcia 43.33
3. Steve Jones 36.67

Boy’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)
Heat 1
1. Tyler Worrall 80.00
2. Zach McCauley 68.33
3. Hunter Henderson 50.00
4. Kai Stidham 35.00

Heat 2
1. Joshua Swift 83.33 
2. Kevin Duffy 68.33
3. Jaden Reichl 60.00
4. Benjamin Brown 51.67

Heat 3
1. Elliot Digney 80.00
2. Kai Ditsch 71.67
3. Kenny Prowse 65.00
4. Ulf Ditsch 56.67
5. Garrett Coleman 3


Heat 4
1. Pedro Caldas 88.33
2. Sam Brown 84.00
3. Mitch Kappler 78.33
4. Thomas Herman 65.00

5. Lachlan Swift 48.33

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The WWA Worlds also serves as part of the Wakeboard World Series and the elite King of Wake series.

Sponsors for the 2014 Wakeboard World Championships include: Supra Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, World Wakeboard Association, Billabong, Ronix, CWB, Hyperlite, Byerly, Peavey, Indmar and YOUR MOM magazine.

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