Julian Cohen is known for two things: being an incredible stylish rider and an all-round good guy.

His pro-model board for 2016, the Jobe Conflict, also possesses these characteristics. It is an all-round board with a new, unique and a stylish design. A constant performer, super stable and yet playful, making it a blast to ride. Last year, the Jobe Conflict proved to be a favorite for Julian and many other riders around the world!

The Jobe Conflict has a 3-stage rocker to make sure it is easy to pop and is easy to press on all kinds of obstacles. The Flex technology on this board makes sure the board is not only easy to press but it also softens out the landings: your board takes the hit and not your knees! The Jobe Conflict comes with Jobe’s H.I.T. base: a special base that is designed to take big impacts and makes the board fast on obstacles. Next to that, it comes standard with the Blended Core, a mix of Pauwlonia wood and PU. This makes the board strong and gives it a lot of flex at the times you need it.

The combination of the latest innovations makes the Jobe Conflict one of the most high end boards currently on the market. The 2016 version will be available in two new versions: a brown/gold and a black/yellow version. Get your tricks to the next level with this board!

If you want to know more about the Jobe Conflict, visit the Jobe website: http://www.jobesports.com/