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While Wakeboarding and rail riding are quickly evolving, younger riders often forget how it all started, and what basics created the modern cable parks we use today. There used to be a time when creativity was just as essential as which features were in the water…because there simply weren’t a large variety of features in the water! Riders had to come up with new lines and alternate arrangements for basic features in order to keep progressing.

The Bricks“ cable park contacted us with this exact mindset, and we were happy to provide them with the tools to realize their vision:

We took our basic, two-piece box and gave it a steeper ride-on, an 8 meter flat ledge, then designed – and priced- it to be used in a set of 3 or more pieces. This allowed “The Bricks“ to arrange the boxes in endless combinations, giving riders a new setup every time they hit the lake. We were so stoked with how this configuration worked out, that we decided to begin offering it as part of our regular feature line.

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