The Corpus Christi Pro is one of the most unique wakeboard tournaments of the season. This will be the third year for the event which was created by Texas Ski Ranch and The Texas International Boat Show. Because of the location, inside the marina, riders are pulled by a personal watercraft instead of a full size wakeboard boat. Ramps are brought in to give the riders  the ability to launch themselves high into the air performing up to 900 degree spins and flips of all kinds. While the riders and driver must deal with the tight show course, the crowd is treated to all kinds of action that is so close to the crowd you can feel a slight mist as the riders go by. This setting makes this tournament one of the most exciting events of the year! Tom Fooshee, the current WWA World Champion and Alliance Wakeboard Magazines 2010 Rider of the Year, looks to defend his title against a line up of world class riders. This is one show you won’t want to miss!

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