The all-new Surf X System featuring Surf Link™ gives the surfer full control,
right from the pocket.

We believe a boat should adapt to its riders—not the other way around. The all-new Tige Surf X System, featuring the Surf Link™ Remote and adaptive hull technology, is the first of its kind, making you the creator of the ultimate surf experience. Any stance, any style, any side… the power is now in the palm of your hands.

The Surf X System is a collaboration of seven components: the Surf Link™ Remote, AdaptiVX, Tige Touch2, Surf X Ballast, TAPS2, Convex V/Apex Hulls, and the new Raptor Series Engines by Indmar. With the industry’s leading technology working together as one, the Surf X System now equips your endless wave with endless possibilities.

With the Surf Link™ remote, you are always linked up and ready to get locked in to your perfect, ocean-worthy wave. With the click of a button on the floatable remote, you can adjust the shape, style, length, and height of your surf wave right from the pocket. Whatever your skill level, Tige adapts to you, hooking you up with full capability for an unforgettable ride.