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The 15th Annual Wake the Desert continued its legacy as the largest wake event in Texas. Witnessed by the largest crowd in Wake the Desert history, this years event brought together over 150 riders and some of the world’s top names in wakesurfing and wakeboarding.


“We are thrilled to see our event be truly global with competitors, spectators, and online viewers coming in from all around the world,” stated Chris Kinsey Sr., local coordinator for Wake the Desert. “Everyone had a really great time and we are already counting down the days until Wake the Desert 2015!”






Mens Pro Surf
1st – Chase Hazen
2nd – Chris Kinsey
3rd – Ford Chupik


Mens Pro Skim
1st – Dominic Lagace
2nd – Brandon Tollie
3rd – Chad Sharpe


Womens Pro Surf
1st – Allison Sos
2nd – Angie Viland
3rd – Emily Agate


Outlaw Men
1st – R.J. Garcia
2nd – Michael Concienne
3rd – Ross Dumas


Outlaw Women
1st- Jennifer Concienne


Amateur Men
1st – Jonathan Demel
2nd – Sebastian Rynhoud
3rd – Kevin Brewer


Amateur Women
1st – Hana Darwin
2nd – Brooklyn Johnson
3rd – Janelle Harrington


1st – Erika Sos
2nd – Bradon Dempsey
3rd – Jessica Garcia


1st – Mike Viland
2nd – Rob Harrington
3rd – Buck Dempsey




Junior Girls Wakeboard
1st- Logan Vaughan
2nd- Ainsley Harper
3rd- Bailey Beall


Junior Boys Wakeboard
1st- Austin Harper
2nd- Coleman Vaughan
3rd- Braxton Bauerleon


Women’s Open
1st- Erika Etling
2nd- Christina Delmas
3rd- Kassie Harper


1st- Jayden Coates
2nd- Wade Mitchell
3rd- Kyle Fulford


1st- Codey Reichle
2nd- Ross Delmas
3rd- Dylan Bolts


1st- Marshall Lewis
2nd- Newt Kitchens
3rd- Justice Price


1st- Dean Smith
2nd-Chad Sharpe
3rd- Keenan Allen




1st- Reece Boland
2nd- Travis Blair
3rd- Colton Steele


Plan to join us at the next stops of the Endless Wave Tour. Registration is available at


•       Seca Surf Sessions – August 1-3 – Kelowna, BC, Canada


•       Texas Surf Showdown – August 22-24 – Fort Worth, TX

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