Sullen pro wake board athlete Randall “the Vandall” Harris took us out on his boat last week to give us an in depth look at what he does best. The day started with him pulling through the gate and launching his new Axis A22 “Vandall” edition into the water then started filling up his fat sacks to put weight in the bow and on back, if you’re not too sure why well it’s simple, a bigger wake the bigger air you get. This boat was super sick with its storm trooper look-a- like paint job it is definitely one of a kind. We set out on Lake Elsinore, Mother Nature brought us perfect weather and no one on the water, which meant the lake was smooth as glass. Randall was going huge pulling out all his top tricks as well as doing some technical things like jumping over the booey’s and banging out some double ups. below is the finished product from the boys from Sullen TV so hope you enjoy it, also pics below compliments of Alliance Magazine which these pics are found in the July issue that just hit the stands, go pick it up.