Shoes or Flops: Flippy’s for sure!

On a flight, Aisle or Window: Definitely window! I have this weird thing that happens to me when on a plane. It’s called sleep! I can easily pass out before the plane takes off haha. I almost can’t help it, it just happens.

Snow or Skate: I have to say snow. I love snowboarding in Tahoe. Nothing like picking a line threw the park or smashing threw some freshies.

Call or Text: ehhhh depends who it is haha. Jk I honestly prefer text because I’m always busy doing something. If it’s gonna be massive messages then I’ll just call. Never while driving though because none of us do that right??

Contest or Freeride: I love both. Contests are more like meeting up with a group of friends you haven’t seen a while and spend some shred time together.

Ice Cream or Drink: Both! I can definitely mix the 2 for a pretty wicked combo!

Lake or Ocean: Depends where haha! I don’t like any type of biting critters in the water!

Delta or Costa Rica: Costa Rica all day!!! I can’t wait to go back!! Playa Guiones is awesome!

Shuvs or Grabs: Ive always been more of a shuv guy but lately Ive been really trying to become more flexible so I can get some nice grabs in.

Animated Film or Romantic Comedy: Have to go with the animated film, their hilarious!

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