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Shoes or Flops? Shoes, I don’t even own a pair of flip flops!

Aisle or Window?  Aisle, because I like to stretch my legs out to get ready for the session when I land.
Snow or Skate? Skate, because i have only seen the snow 3 times in my life
Call or Text? Call, my fingers are too big for my phone!
Music or TV? Thats a hard one, I like them both! but if i had to choose one it would be music because it amps me up!
Steep or Flat wake? I lik’em both cause its kind of like surfing in the ocean, every wave is different, but fun in its own way!
Speed Control or Pin it? Still trying to learn what works best for my style.
Regular or Goofy? I like going both feet forward because it helps my surfing evolve.
Contests or Freeride? I like to freeride in contests,so I don’t get too stressed!
Ice Cream or Drink? We all scream for Ice Cream!!
Lake or Ocean? As long as I am surfing, I am stoked on Both!
Delta or Costa Rica? Delta, Cause I would be surfing the worlds longest wave.
Shuv-it or Grabs? I like doing shuv-its because I think they are more progressive!
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