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Shoes or Flops? Flops.

Aisle or Window? Aisle, I like to stretch my legs out to get ready for the session when I land.

Snow or Skate? Snow.

Call or Text? Text. Hashtag my other business 🙂 #surfboardbroker

Music or TV? Music.

Steep or Flat wake? Steep, I like to get steezy.

Speed Control or Pin it? Pin it!

Regular or Goofy? Depends how I am feeling.

Contests or Freeride? Freeride, but I do contest. 🙂

Ice Cream or Drink? Drink please.

Lake or Ocean? As long as I am surfing, I am stoked on both!

O-side or Hawaii?Both please.

Shuv-it or Grabs? Again, depends on how I am feeling. 🙂

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