Sunday July 4th was perfect. The weather could not have been more co-operative, with blue skies and warm temperatures all day long. Girls Ride Day went into planning last September and I can’t believe that it’s actually come and gone – I couldn’t be happier with the result. We’ve had tons of support from the local wakeboard community and the event would not have been possible without them!

Throughout the day, we taught fifteen new girls how to get up on a wakeboard, and pulled almost 50 beginner, intermediate and advanced riders behind Buckeye’s X2 Demo Boat and even more girls behind the Wake Institute’s waverunner in the rail park bay for rail sets and wakeskate sets.

The event attracted some of Canada’s top talent including Jr National team member Cam Barrier, who came all the way from Quebec along with Annie Cardinal and Cynthia Dion. We also had a huge crew make the trip from Ottawa, the GTA and the Muskokas.

I’d love to thank our volunteers and coaches – including myself – Ally Boothroyd,  Erika Langman, Leslie Sparkes, and Pietra Basilij.  Also the Wake Institute staff: Jay Poole, Mark Norris, Jeremy Eckford and Adam Lewis, they all helped a ton with driving and we pulled girls from 8am to 9pm. Thank you so much for everything you did to help make this event a success.

There were tons of awesome sponsors, the main ones being Buckeye Marine and The Wake Institute. Without the donation of the boat and gasoline for the entire day from Buckeye Marine the event would not have been possible at all.  Also without the donation of the site, wake park, coaches and waverunner from the Wake Institute the event would not have ran. We also had some great donations from vitaminwater, ripcurl, liquid force, osiris shoes, cottage toys and more. A gigantic thanks to Hugh Whitaker for taking photos the entire day, you rock.

Our Girls Clinics Tour has taken off and is going GREAT!  If you are interested in attending any of the clinics please contact

We are adding new stops daily –

July 22-23rd Hastings – Maynard’s Wakeboard Camp

July 27th Bobcaygeon – The Wake Institute

August 3rd Bobcaygeon – The Wake Institute

August 10th Wasaga Beach – Phat Wakes

August 10th – 12th Bobcaygeon – The Wake Institute  WITH MASTERCRAFT PRO RIDER NICOLA BUTLER!

August 12th Newmarket – Summerski

August 16th Ottawa Clinic

August 17th Ottawa  – Lens Cove

August 24th Stoney Lake – Cottage Toys

Sept 3-5th Bobcaygeon – The Wake Institute

Spaces are limited so please email us to inquire today!