Tigé Announces Winners as Revolutionary MyWake Global Wakesurf Challenge Closes

Abilene, TX – Tigé Boats and Wake9.com are proud to announce the winners of the MyWake Global Wakesurf Challenge event that ran through this summer. This revolutionary event, that merged today’s most progressive wakesurf boat manufacturer with the latest in web technology, finished with great success.

“The competition truly went global with athlete registrations from 8 countries, which is very exciting.” said Daniel Gutierrez, Director of Design & Marketing for Tigé Boats.

The MyWake Global Wakesurf Challenge is the only one of its kind, allowing any rider, from anywhere in the world and behind any boat, to submit video of their best run for the competition.

Here are the results! Click on the athlete name to watch their winning run or go to http://mywake.tige.com to watch all of the contest wakesurf videos.

Amateur Men’s Skim
1st Ellis Fort http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1085

Amateur Men’s Surf
1st Michel Marechal http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1039
2nd RJ Garcia http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1059

Amateur Women’s Skim
1st Adriana Borrelli <http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1007>

Amateur Women’s Skim
1st Julie Jennings http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1029
2nd Chloe Kinsey http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1091

Juniors under 16
1st Zane Montgomery http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1087
2nd Thomas Garcia http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1063
3rd Campbell Erickson http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1015

Masters over 40
1st Scott Culp http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1081
2nd Jeff Walker http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1082
3rd Judy Walker http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1083

Open Men’s Skim
1st Sean Cummings http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1070

Open Men’s Surf
1st James Walker http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1068
2nd Chris Kinsey http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1055

Open Women’s Skim
1st Jaqualine Fort http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1084
2nd Bri Chmel http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1013

Open Women’s Surf
1st Rebecca Ort http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1092
2nd Korina Smyrek http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1046
3rd Ashley Kidd http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1077

Surf/Skim Challenge
1st Sean Cummings http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1070

1st Ashley Kidd http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1077
2nd Sophia Davi http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1009
3rd Jessica Garcia http://mywake.tige.com/view-run.php?id=1062

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