UNIT Parktech: How did your cooperation with UNIT Parktech get started and how did you react when they decided to make you a Signature Feature?
Tom Fooshee: I actually approached UNIT with my idea for a wave kicker. After explaining my ideas and benefits behind a wave like kicker, UNIT was immediately down with my idea and was ready to make it happen very fast. Really my reaction to UNIT liking my idea so quickly was very flattering, so my stoke level was through the roof! It involved me jumping up and down and screaming like a little kid in excitement once I got home haha.

UNIT Parktech: What are the advantages in having a Wave kicker?
Tom Fooshee: There are so many advantages to a wave like kicker, especially the one we have collaborated between UNIT and myself. Wave kickers for one, apply to all levels of skill with riders. It allows riders that are fairly new to wakeboarding be able to hit the first part of the kicker and stay in control throughout getting up in the air, as it will not kick you up as high as the other side of the kicker. The kicker allows for progression from a rider whose its first time to hit a kicker all the way through to top pro status as the further you edge across the kicker, the more pop and boost you are going to get. My UNIT Signature Kicker also has something that makes it much more unique then the usual wave kicker. The entire kicker is the “sweet spot”, so you will be sending it to the moon as you edge across the whole kicker. There is no other kicker like this in the sport of wake that can accommodate a first time kicker hit and a rider like myself looking to create new tricks that have yet to happen. An all in one kicker that make it a necessity for any full size or Sesitec System 2.0 Park.

UNIT Parktech: You seem to stay pretty much injury free, do you got any advice for those youngster out there, How should they approach kicker riding?
Tom Fooshee: My advice to staying injury free would be to stay within your limits. Do not go and try a trick that is way ahead of where your riding is at. Learn new tricks by progressing into them so that this way you can learn them safely. Basically learn to walk before you run type of situation. Kickers can actually really help your riding more then anything and can do no harm on your body if you learn to hit them right and do the right things with your body while in the air. Always bend you knees and spot your landings!

For more info about UNIT Parktech go to unit-parktech.com