It’s hard to believe that exactly 1 year and 1 month after the 100th System 2.0,including its golden carrier, was delivered to ‘Wake Up Docklands’ Sesitec has surpassed yet another incredible benchmark!

System number 200 will be shipped to it’s new home in just the next two weeks.

Considering the sale of this latest System 2.0 states more clearly than every how Sesitec is revolutionising our sport, it most definitely needs something to mark the occasion. So, what the lucky new owner of this 200th System doesn’t yet know is that, in addition two their new ‘two-twoer fun machine, – they will also be receiving a Sesitec custom branded UNIT Parktech Kicker M.

WakeUp Docklands weren’t happy with keeping the ‘Golden Carrier’ from the purchase of the 100th System 2.0 in a display cabinet for posterity, so they have it in use on one of their two System’s for all to see. In exactly the same vein, the existence of System 2.0 number 200 will be marked, for all to see, by every rider at this park boosting off their very own special edition Sesitec Kicker!