TSR Showdowns Breaking Records!

Two weeks into the Cablewakeboard.com National Points Chase and TSR has hosted the two largest Thursday Night Showdowns in the seven-year history of the weekly grassroots event. Week one saw 50 riders for the weekday evening event, a record at that point. Because of the large amount we decided to move the start time to 5pm in hopes that the attendance would grow. Good thing we did because on Thursday night TSR had 61 riders to role through in just under four hours. In 2010 the TSR cable showdowns have set standards that have never been equaled by boat or cable showdowns of the past. None of this would be possible without the great support group at TSR and the wonderful Texas riders that enjoy pushing each other and the sport!

Week 1 Top 10 Highlights:

10 – Andrew Lehman is the first rider off the dock in Intermediate and wins the division with 13 riders.

9 – Cody Johnson gets 5th with 1/2 a run & falling on his wildcard & Josh Rice continues to defy time and takes second in Pro.

8 – Michael Simmons holds off the Dorrestijn brothers as they both learned new tricks for the event.

7 – Matt Davidson lands a hard flip in wakeskate

6 – Tom Fooshee falls early on his first run but handles the pressure from himself and other riders to win pro division

5 – Kyle Cameron and Sam Scoggins ride their best and narrow the gap with Tom Fooshee

4 – Hunter Hansen wins first wakeski event at TSR Showdowns, a new era begins.

3 – Blake Hess runs down just before his turn and takes third in advanced despite not riding for nearly a month before his run.

2 – Bret Little Wins Wakeskte with one arm inside his vest!

1 – 50 Riders in 3.5 hours, the event ran smoothly and more riders on the water than any other showdown.

Week 2 Top 10 Highlights:

10 – Entire Obscura Team in town for LF photo shoot

9 – Cody Johnson gets 3rd with 1/2 a run & falling on his wildcard & Josh Rice continues to defy time and takes second in Pro.

8 – Aaron Reed rides better as his mustache grows longer! 2 different 3’s coming of tib fib snap.

7 – Young Riders continue to impress judges, Connor Shepherd takes 1st again in advanced.

6 – Tom Fooshee not around (cincy) so Josh Rice continues to dominate like it is the 2005 world games.

5 – 15 riders in the beginner division, congrats to Tyler Sommer for winning!

4 – Emmit Hall continues to dominate Int. with the best overall run: Sliders, Kickers & Air Tricks!

3 – Grant Roberts continues to win some comp on every visit to TSR!

2 – Andy Baker lands front mobe on wakeskis, Hunter lands a gainer to blind!

1 – 61 Riders in 4 hours, New Showdown Record!!!

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With three more weeks of cable Showdowns followed by four unrelated boat showdowns (9 total events). TSR hopes to field a winning team for the overall points championship held at TSR October 8th, 9th & 10th. This event will be for both team and individual championships. Parks will qualify their top three riders in each division to compete for the US Cable Park team title. TSR would like to not only thank the riders and staff but also the partners that have made these events possible: MasterCraft, Liquid Force, Nike 6.0, Reef, Pro-Tec, Freestyle & Sector 9.