UNIT Parktech is proud to introduce 2 brand new features to their line-up.  Both features will go to TSN44, a new cablepark in West-France, which was closely involved in the design of these features.

The first one, called “transition Table”, is a custom design from TSN44 and UNIT Parktech. This shape has been build to give those beginner and intermediate riders the opportunity to learn their first transfers.  With its 1,2m large surface, it is safe and inviting enough for beginners. The first part has been given a light transition, which helps you to clear the next 3 meters.  Wakeskaters can give the transfer a try and for advanced riders this is an obstacle that you will hit in every run.

Our second feature has been in the works for almost over a year. We wanted to design a feature that gives everyone a chance to progress their riding, by using different lines.  UNIT Parktech team rider Steffen Vollert, LiquidLeisure cable park, TSN44 and UNIT Parktech all gave their input in this extraordinary obstacle.  With 8 different lines that can be ridden, this is one of our most versatile features.  Rail to rail, kicker to rail, wall to rail etc… everything is possible and we saw it all in the first day of riding.

We had fun designing and building these features and we hope that this inspires other cable parks daring to design their own custom rails.  Whenever you have an idea – just give us a call and we will help you realizing your dream-feature.