Reversible, Versatile, Adaptable… Words that describe our thinking process when we designed this new Line of features. Made for Wakeskaters, Wakeboarders, Beginners, pro´s at an unbeatable price point. We present our “Pyramid series”

With more and more wake parks popping up all over the world, the demand for the best price point features is growing at the same pace. With every design, we make sure that not only different riding levels but also different aspects in our sport are not forgotten.
With our Pyramid series we started with a feature that would be interesting for wake skaters and ended up with a series that bring joy to everyone. Different transfers, gaps, or just simple rail tricks, these features will open an form of riding that till now has only be known in concrete skateparks and with four different options we know that every Cablepark can choose their favorite feature, adapted to their riders.

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