UNIT Parktech continues to set new standards in what we can expect from obstacles at cable parks. Made from welded HDPE, UNIT obstacles are practically indestructible and are maintenance free. With their construction methods you can make large obstacles with amazing accuracy. UNIT obstacles piece together seamlessly and last for decades.

Floating pools in wakeboarding have taken our sport to new levels. Pat Panakos and Thomas Horrell were the brains behind the first pool, making history with their idea at The Projects. Pool jams have been wide spread thru our sport since that time. The Red Bull Wake Lab took the pool jam to a whole new level, floating a 120 foot pool structure complete with Metal handrails, arguably the most progressive event that wakeboarding has seen.

So enter UNIT with their Silas Thurman signature rail. A floating pool, which you enter from one side via ramp, steps at the end, and multiple options for exiting the pool. This is the first floating pool that is available for commercial purchase. The Silas signature floating pool is going to change what we can expect from cable parks all over the world.

For more information on the Silas Thurman signature rail, and UNIT Parktech, visit: http://www.thewakeparkproject.com