UNIT Parktech and Wakebeach257! located in Dormagen, Germany between Cologne and Düsseldorf have been working together since 2013, so you can imagine how stoked we were to hear that they were stepping up their game from two basic 2.0, to a full-size cable!

Wakebeach257! will be the first ever feature park to be managed directly by the #UNITPARKCREW – our revolutionary new service that will always keep the park fresh, and ensure the best, most diverse riding experience.

The Wakebeach257! setup will include 12 rotating UNIT Parktech features and UNIT hacks, to include:
· UNIT Kickers: Medium, Large and XL
· UNIT Ollie-Box Handrail
· UNIT Up Rail Wall Long
· UNIT Ollie Barrier
· UNIT Bonk Pole
· UNIT Signature Series Steffen Vollert II
· UNIT Street Series Down Flat Handrail
· UNIT Pole Jam
· UNIT Rail – Short
· UNIT Custom ‘Wake The Line’ feature UNIT

For best possible riding conditions, the park will be surrounded by UNIT Floating walkways and we will have UNIT wavebreakers placed in the middle of the cable to minimize chop.

Together with the Wakebeach257! crew, we are happy to make this park a strong addition to the German cable landscape.
With its exclusive UNIT setup and management, it will truly represent an evolution in our sport, and attract riders from all over the world.