August 14th, 2008 will be a day San Diego rockers will never forget. The Vans Warped Tour hit the lovely city of Chula Vista and brought some of the best bands in the world to perform, for what seemed to be thousands of screaming fans. Bands like Angels and Airwaves, Say Anything, Cobra Starship, Rise Against, The Bronx, my favorite Gil Mantera’s Party Dream and many more, showed up to impress. The sun was out and roasting hot, I have a sunburn to prove it but I think that’s half the fun of Warped Tour San Diego; blazing sun, rocking bands and sun burns.

Every time I go to the Warped Tour in San Diego, I walk away with new stories to tell and a newfound love for another band. One band that stands out in my mind is Los Angeles locals The Bronx. They put on an amazing show and on there very last song, there lead singer got off the stage and finished there set by singing in the pit. With kids smashing into him and singing along, the energy was amazing. Seriously one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

I could go on and on about my stories but I won’t bore you. I will tell you if the Vans Warped Tour ever hits a town near you make sure you go. You will leave with memories that will never be forgotten.

Big thanks to Arie Pe at Vans for making this day happen. For more info on the Vans Warped Tour go to or