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Check out the exciting new format for 2014! We have teamed up with Quest ATX Cable Park to hold a 2 part competition this year for our annual Wake the Lake competition! Round 1 will be a traditional boat towed wakeboard contest at Aquaplex Private Ski Lake. Next, we will make the short drive to Quest Cable Park where you will get to show your versatility on the cable system for Round 2. Your scores from both portions will be combined and that will determine your place in the competition. There will be absolutely no onsite registration. Register now!

There are 4 divisions to choose from.
Open Youth – Competitors 16 and under having a more advanced skill level who have achieved any inverts.
Open Adult – Competitors 17 and up who have achieved any number of inverts and spins.
Novice Youth – Competitors 16 and under who are beginner riders and have not achieved any inverts.
Open Women’s- Recommended for those female riders who have achieved wake to wake spins or inverts.

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