PHALANX Wake and young gun Ian Smith have teamed up to start off a massive 2012 campaign.  With several major events on the agenda, Smith is set to make his mark on the wakeboard industry.

The PHALANX crew could not be happier with the addition of Ian Smith.  Team captain Ricky G recognizes how unique riders like Smith are:

“There are few who understand what it takes to survive in the industry and understand the big picture and are willing to go out, work hard, and take over.  Ian has the drive to succeed and has his sponsors, friends, and family backing him.  From the rails to cable to behind the boat, Ian is a triple threat and is ready to conquer this year and make things happen”

Ray Cruz, Operations Manager, is equally stoked about Ian Smith: “I’m stoked to be able to add to the crew a guy like Ian.  He’s got talent, skills, tons of energy and passion for wakeboarding.  I can’t wait to see what Ian does as a PHALANX rider, a product developer, as well as our Florida sales rep!”

During a recent interview we asked Ian what his favorite thing about being a part of the PHALANX Wake crew. He responded, “I think its always great to be at the start of something big, so that over the years you can see how much work is put into it and where it all goes.  So just being able to be a rider and getting to see the company grow will be awesome!”

Riders like Ian Smith are few and far between so we would like to officially welcome Ian to the PHALANX Crew.  Stay tuned and look for Ian Smith on the podium! You can follow Ian’s exploits at:

Twitter:  @Conway_Kid



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