WakeFest GA Announces 2015 Dates, Charity, & Partnership with GA INT League

Albany, GA – May 4, 2015 – WakeFest GA announced today all new information for this year’s event. 2015’s WakeFest GA will benefit a new family in need, include a new location, embrace a new collaboration with Georgia’s branch of the INT League, and feature two days of action packed riding on Saturday, July 25 and Sunday, July 26!

This year’s WakeFest GA will raise money for local residents Kara and Katie Williams. These twins were born at twenty-three weeks premature. Kara was born with Grade IV brain bleed, full body Cerebral Palsy, severe developmental delay and suspected cortical vision impairment. Katie was born with a Grade III brain bleed and poor vision. She has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy that affects her lower body and severe developmental delay. The girls are now 6 years old and are in Kindergarten. Katie and Kara’s family will use the money raised for them by WakeFest to purchase adapted seating and safety equipment for the girls, as well as adapted toys. The money will also be used for upcoming hip surgery for Kara and the expenses that will come along with it.

Held at beautiful Chehaw Park, WakeFest raises the standard with pristine water conditions, excellent spectator visibility, camping areas, and other amenities for the hundreds of spectators coming. WakeFest president Adam Gilbert said “This new location is a first for Albany, offering better conditions for both spectators and participants alike, all while setting the groundwork for future events to come.”

To continue to elevate the quality of experience with WakeFest, the Georgia INT League and The WWA will be sanctioning the event through rider classifications, judging, scoring and insurance. INT’s support will undoubtedly contribute to an even more positive experience at WakeFest for both the participant and the spectator. Both Saturday and Sunday will double as Georgia INT League points paying events as well. INT State Coordinator Jenny Serwitz said ”INT is all about families and this is an incredible opportunity to help a family in need. INT encourages all skill levels – beginners to expert. Beginners do not compete against more advanced competitors – giving everyone a chance. For example: a young wakeboarder just learning can get points for simple tricks such as crossing the wake, waving at the judges in the boat, adjusting board shorts or touching the water. We are thrilled to be invited to join WakeFest in Albany, Georgia.”

Back by popular demand is WakeFest After Dark. Hosted on the same grounds as the competition at Chehaw Park, WakeFest After Dark will feature the awards ceremony from Saturday’s competition, food, drink, and a live concert by top local bands. With competitors traveling from throughout Georgia to compete both days, Saturday night’s party will be one for the books!

For more information on WakeFest, log onto www.WakeFestga.com. To follow WakeFest on Facebook and Instagram, log on to Facebook.com/WakeFestalbanyga and Instagram.com/WakeFestga.

About WakeFest GA
WakeFest is Georgia’s largest grassroots wakeboard tournament. Taking place in Albany, Georgia on Lake Chehaw, WakeFest is not only the premier contest in Georgia, but is entirely coordinated for the benefit of those in need in the local community. As 501(c)(3) organization, WakeFest GA, INC is a tax exempt organization and operates exclusively for charitable purposes.

About the INT League
The INT League is a marketing and promotional company that hosts amateur waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, wake skate and wake surf competitions nationwide. INT aspires to grow participation and consistency in towed water sports by actively promoting, organizing, and supporting, fun competitive events by welcoming all ages and ability levels. For more information please see the INT website at www.intleague.com/georgia/

Georgia INT (International Novice Tournament) events are laid-back family friendly competitions that bring watersports enthusiasts together and help athletes build their skills. Kids to adults – beginner to expert – INT provides an incredible platform for fun competition. Bring your board, vest and a smile- INT has the rest. To view the 2015 schedule visit www.intleague.com/georgia/