WakeWell is a non-profit outreach ministry based out of Dallas, Texas.  We desire to be a positive influence and a Christian witness to the wakeboard, wakeskate, and wakesurf culture.  WakeWell began impacting the lives of wake enthusiasts in 2005.  Now in 2013, we have 10 chapters across the US in 8 different states.  We have an incredible team of leaders that are infiltrating lake, river, and cable park communities all across the nation, building relationships with wakeboarders in the hope being able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each week at lakes and cable parks all across the nation, WakeWell chapters gather together to wakeboard, wakeskate, and wakesurf together as a community.  Our leaders desire to have fun and build relationships so that they can earn the right to be heard by the riders in their area.

WakeWell is one of the only ministries that exists to share the love of Christ with the wakesport culture while partnering with the local church.  WakeWell does not desire to be the church, we desire to bring riders from the water to the church and equip people from the church to reach the riders on the water.  If you’re a wakeboarder or maybe someone just interested in trying wakeboarding.  Check out our website or find us on Facebook to locate a chapter near you to connect with.  Or if you would like to start a chapter at your local riding spot, email us (Mark@WakeWell.org) and we can get you help to get you started in no time.  Lastly, WakeWell is a non-profit organization and we are always looking for people who share our same vision and passions.  If you would like to donate to or sponsor WakeWell in order to allow us to continue our ministry, please visit the “Support” tab on our website…and all donations are tax-deductible.  It is our hope to show wakeboarders that they can still be “wakeboarders” and love Jesus at the same time, and we do this through three simple prinicples: Love God, Love Others, Love Wake.  That’s WakeWell.