Do you ever wonder what the pro’s are up to right at THIS VERY SECOND? Maybe they’re at the mall at the same time as you, or maybe they are sleeping till noon while you’ve been working since 8. Or, maybe they’re out riding and just hit invented a new trick that will be the talk of the industry for the next month. I just caught up with Watson on IM so for all you dreamers, here’s your chance to know what Shawn is doing RIGHT NOW!

Pic: Jason Lee

Me: what are you up to?

Wats: chillin in Canada.

Me: nice got time for a little web piece? I’m going to call it “talking s**t with Shawn”.

Wats: haha.. interesting.

Me: no bad talk, just BS…

Wats: word.. well wassup?

Me: Have you been watching the World cup?

Wats: I wish…been on the road so much the past few weeks i havent been able too. Wasn’t even able to watch any of the nba finals..

Me: Dang dude bummer. Well, not really cause the NBA finals sucked nuts.

Wats: I heard USA won on Wednesday!

Me: Yeah USA won in the 92nd minute it was unbelievable!

Wats: Yea, if O-town was in it (NBA finals) I would have made time to watch it, haha.

Me: Yeah well LA won by cheating anyways. They play fouls, not basketball.

Wats: I hear ya on that.

Me: Haha. WHat are you in Canada for?

Wats: Playing poker.

Me: Man what a life!

Wats: nah we are playing online poker right now, but really we are here for the LF photoshoot at henshaws parents house.

Nice. What’s Henshaw’s parents like?

Soooo sick…his parents have an awesome piece of property on a really cool lake.

Any cool rails up there or anyone hitting any sweet new tricks?

Henshaw built a really cool floating rail. hard to see though, he painted it in camo. Haha.

Have you pre-ordered the I phone 4 already?

I have.. supposed to get it on the 6th, day before i leave for brostock. I hope my current phone holds up until then, it’s sooo haggard right now.

Yeah I’m thinking about going to the apple store and waiting in line ALL DAY and then blogging about the weird shit that’s going to happen in that line. People are going to get crazy.

Haha, that would be pretty awesome. If i was in town I would probably join you.

When’s the last time you said “Oh My Gosh” like it says on the bottom of your board?

Haha, everyday man.

Do you ever watch “lost”?

Is that a show or movie?

A show…obviously not…

Haha, heard of it but don’t watch it.

Are you into any TV series’ out right now?

I don’t watch much tv, mostly just tivo whatever im gonna watch…the only tv show I’ve got set to record right now is “Modern Family” which is pretty funny.

Oh nice, I heard that’s a great one.

I just lost my poker game.

Oh shit. How much do I owe ya?

But it was only a $5 table. I’ll ge it back next game…hopefully.

Phew…plus maybe you can get a $10 incentive for BullSH**ting with Alliance then you’d have doubled your $$

That would be sweet.

How many wrapped tricks did you do in your last pro tour run?

2, but same trick pretty much…wrapped toe bs 180 and then a 3.

Nice I learned the 180 now too! It’s so fun!

Such a fun trick.

Hopefully Danny will forgive us for robbing his steez.

You get weightless in the air, feels so good when you get a good one.

Yeah, I’m sure he will.

I think he likes it.

Hard to make it look as good as D’s though.

Yeah and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so he’s gotta be stoked.

Alright dude wanna send me a pic to use for this web article?

Any picture of Shawn Watson that you want everyone to see!

Hmmm…I took a cool pic of the sunset last night here at hennys while out on the boat

Would that work?

Are you in it?

Eff it send that one and then one with you in it and I’ll put up both.


Eff it?

Haha, eff it, like screw it? Anyways send me the sunset one if you dig it and then a shot of you partying or anything cool of you…

One is just a sunset, but I dont have any on my cam of myself.

OK no problem I’ll get Jason Lee to send me a good one.

Good luck with Poker Hopefully you get a full-straight!