Each year the Byerly line gets better and better and we’re always excited to see what’s new at every Surf Expo. The lineup for 2015 is, as always, on point and sure to be a big hit with riders, fans, and Byerly worshipers. Here are five of our favorites from the Godfather and his team

1. The BP

The BP – Brenton Priestley’s signature stick – is back and better. Foul language not included


2. They Byerly boot and System binding

Clean, simple, with some orange accent. Will go with anything in the Byerly line


3. The Felix

This is a new park board from the Byerly crew and cable shredder Cody Hesse has been seen ripping on it


4. The Buzz

Byerly’s wakesurfer of choice.


5. The clothing accessories

Byerly’s T’s, hats, and other accessories always look fresh. No cutoff jean shorts in the line though


6. Byerly’s wakeskates

The man knows what he’s doing when designing wakeskates. For more looks check out our Surf Expo wakeskates article