Years ago in the wakeboarding industry RV/bus tours were everywhere. You had the Mission2Ride tour, the Backyard Tour, the Trip Across America, the Double Up Experience, the iRide Tour, the LBT (Low Budget Tour, aka "Road Rookies") and many more. But over the last three or four years those tours have faded away and the industry doesn't have much of a bus tour presence anymore. Personally, I blame the recession.

Scott Byerly, though, is a badass and does what he wants. This summer, with his Byerly boards brand growing so much and doing so well, he wanted to have a bus tour so him and the team could travel to different shops and riding locations to meet with the masses, the weekend warriors and the average Joe's, just to ride and promote the product and the sports of wakeboarding and wakeskating.

But Byerly can't just have any old tour, right? Heck no. Nautiques wanted to hook Byerly up proper with a boat that would blow all other boats out of the water. And trust me, this boat does just that. Scott's 2008 Super Air Nautique 210 Team Edition is now a 210 Byerly Edition. It is by far the most customized boat I have ever seen and it is completely badass. Here are some of the things totally unique to Scott's new boat:

  • custom wrap with Byerly skull logo graphics
  • interior embroiderd with Byerly logo
  • custom dash gauges with Byerly logo
  • custom cutout chrome handles with red backlight LED's
  • swimstep features burned in Legacy logo
  • windshield frame graphic wrap
  • wakeboard racks with Byerly logo
  • and a lot of others I can't even remember

Seriously, this is one of the coolest looking boats I've ever seen, and I've had the privilege of seeing a lot of really cool boats. Keep your eyes out for the Byerly tour rig this summer at a shop near you. Just bring a towel so you can wipe the drool off the boat after you're done ogling at it… Scott doesn't need random saliva all over his new one-of-a-kind vessel.