Contact: Blake Hess
(830) 627-2843

Cable Wake Parks has just released a new website This site has been modified to not only help owners or perspective owners build their own park, but also help patrons buy and print tickets online for existing wake parks.  

The new website has three main sections. The first section has loads of informative information, photos and videos that will help any perspective cable entrepreneur. This site also explains the history of Cable Wake Parks. How Cable Wake Park partner Bruno Rixen invented the cable over 50years ago and continues to be the market leader today.

The goal of the second portion of the site was to give the public a place to buy tickets to not only their park, but any others all over the world. This only makes sense since every avid wakeboarder spends so much time online. For the facility there is no up front cost and we provide the hardware to scan the ticket that your customer printed at home so it cannot be used a second time. CWP has partnered with a third party (CWP does not make a penny off your sales) to handle the financial end and is currently working everything out at their test site Texas Ski Ranch. If you are a park owner and are interested in making your passes available online at no up front cost to you, please contact Blake at CWP. Here are just some of the benefits offered!
• No up-front costs plus a sensible fee structure.
• Tickets that have ultra-secure, 2-D bar codes with embedded digital signatures.
• Promote events and sales on the Ticket that your custmer prints out at home!
• All ticket sales and scanning hardware for your individual event or venue is provided.
• No mailing or will-call of tickets.
• Detailed customer purchase data provided. Customer database & reports available 24/7.
• Virtual Consignment corporate and group sales programs.
• No software or hardware to buy or install. System hosted in a secure data center.

The third and final portion of the site makes it easier than ever for park owners to purchase spare parts online. Rixen cableways has created a store that is available in three languages to supply parts to their 130 cables worldwide. For more information about any of the services offered, just log onto