One of my favorite Christmas pastimes is lying down on my parent’s couch with a full stomach from dinner and apple pie, and watch a Christmas movie with my family. There are so many classics out there to choose from, most being comedies. If you’re rained-snowed in this year or you’re just feeling lazy, go ahead and watch Ralphie shoot his eye out, or watch Cousin Eddie park his RV on Clark’s front lawn, and who can forget Kevin Mcalister home alone kick ass at age 10.

Here are some athlete favorites, enjoy.

“Home Alone 1” – Stu Shinn
“National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” Mike Ennen
“I’ll Be Home For Christmas, featuring Jonathon Taylor Thomas.” – Danny Hampson
“Home Alone” – Garrett Cortese
“Elf” – Andrew Pastura
“Christmas Vacation” – Clay Fletcher
“I’m Jewish so Eight Crazy Nights. Adam Sandler is the only contributor to Hannakuh Entertainment.” – Bob Soven
“Elf” – Dano The Mano
“I guess maybe Cool Runnings. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time. COOOOOOOL RUUUNNNNINGS.” – Collin Harrington
“The Grinch, the original animated one.” – Ben Greenwood