Despite battling territorial skiers and some tough economic times, Marc Rossiter, Brian Reeder and Clay Flecther organized the Clear Lake Invitational Rail Jam. The contest was a head-to-head battle of greats fighting for the sweet taste of honor and some delicious cold, hard cash. Unfortunately the lake conditions were far from ideal with 10-20mph winds blowing directly into the rail, which made for some interesting upsets as the day went on.

The head-to-head format forced riders to put their best tricks on the line in the trying conditions. Plus, the A-frame rail setup pushed riders to get technical with different variations every hit. Per usual with any Clear Lake festivity, the wind did not damper any of the social festivities. The crowd partied on the tips of their toes in suspense watching riders ollie through the three-foot rollers. DJ Drop Top kept the party pumping as the day went on.

Everyone had a great time… even after being eliminated. Marc Rossiter managed to beat Chris O’shea for the win with a switch heel side 180 into nose early pass 360 out.

The winners:

1st Marc Rossiter

2nd Chris O’shea

3rd Erik Ruck

Big Thanks to




Brian Reeder, Marc Rossiter, Clay Fletcher for making it happen!