Collegiate Wake Championship Breakdown Part Duex.

Last time we broke down 4 of the match ups at Empire Wake’s Collegiate Wake Series Championships in Long Beach CA.  There are 4 remaining, which include the top 4 spots in the brackets. The event keeps getting more exciting and with all the first round upsets last year no one is safe.

4. South Florida vs. University of Louisiana Monroe – UL Monroe received the Collegiate Team of the year award this season, but it isn’t giving them a free pass past South Florida. We are expecting South Florida to make the finals this year with a veteran team and an extremely talented one at that.  Don’t count out UL Monroe however, if they bring their A game, and S. Florida trips we might see our first upset and S. Florida will go home early again.

3. Chico St vs 14 Long Beach St. – These teams are in the same region, but haven’t seen each other this year. Chico is hotter then any one in the country right now and are also favored to make the finals. Long Beach just squeeked into the tourney this year, but being the home team they have some advantage.  Both teams are tight and have been together along time. This is one match up no one will want to miss!

2. Florida State vs. 15. Oregon – Oregon is back again and better then last season. They are looking to make a big impression this year and continue to grow their club. Laura McNary has done a great job with this program and looking to finish her last year with a big win.  FSU is number 2 this year and have such a large program to draw from, you know they are going to bring the best they have.  FSU is very good and Oregon will have their hands full.

1. Florida vs Stephen F. Austin – You gotta hand it to SFA for making it to the championships in their first year with the Collegiate Wake Series. The come out of the toughest region in the country and had to compete against Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor… Needless to say, if they can hang in that company they belong.  Florida is rolling this year and also out of a tough region. They rode strong in 2 events and have  Ryan Mocerino who might be the best Collegiate rider in the country. He has been unbeatable in Atlanta and Orlando.

If you are in the area April 7th through 10th you aren’t going to want to miss this event. Big thanks to supporters and TSO Studios for being a part of this and pushing it to bigger and better levels. Good luck to all the teams and we look forward to progressing college wakeboarding to a level never seen!