Collin Harrington had to take care of some business at Liquid Force for a few days and managed to jump into the Alliance office for a coffee, surf check, and a quick interview. Here's how it went down.

ALLIANCE – So how's your year been?
COLLIN – It's been great! Busy as can be.

A – What have you been up to?
C – Editing. I'm officially on lock-down editing Box Of Fun and I'm not coming out of my room until it's done (laughs).

A – Can you give us the inside scoop on Box Of Fun?
C – Ya, (laughs) there is some funny stuff. You know I just got finished organizing all the clips, getting them ready for edit mode. There are so many funny and good clips that I forgot about. It's really shaping up to be a good, quality, and funny movie.

A – Who are some of the boys that are going to be starring in the film?
C – Um, well we got pretty much our whole crew that hangs out. It's Chris O'Shea, Clay Fletcher, Erik Ruck, Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw, myself and then we have a lot of other people that we ride with, but those are the main 7.

A – Has there been any type of special production?
C – Well, we're actually about to go build a bunch of rails now. We've compiled a ton of wood and got some new ideas for rails, we've had some rails that people haven't seen yet so there should be some new stuff in there, but pretty much i've just been trying to get good shots. No more chase boat shots. I built a dolly and Brett B's got a little crane jib now and he's been helping me a ton.

A – Who's going to have "the" section?
C – Well after going through everybody's clips the other night I forgot how much cool stuff everybody has from so many different places, but I'd have to say Chris O'Shea really went all out this year. I just have a ridiculous amount of footage from him and then Clay Fletcher's section on rails is probably going to be the sickest section ever on rails.

A – Besides being on lock-down mode for Box Of Fun, how's the knee doing?
C – The knee is good. I'm actually not wearing a knee brace and it feels great. I've been riding more in the past few weeks than I have all year. I've been doing a lot of tricks that I haven't done in years like so many "back to the basics." Just relearning simple stuff that I got away from and have been having a blast on a wakeboard.

A – What do you have planned for early 2009?
C – Basically, early 2009 i'm going to try and do some boat shows and hopefully I'm planning on having some premiers ready for early spring that maybe I can do during the boat show season. I'll be in the Virgin Islands with my parents on their boat. We have some trips down there planned. I'll be surfing down there,

A – Sounds like the plate is full. Anything you want to say to the internet junkies?
C – Yes my hair is real (laughs), I use Pantene Pro V. I gotta maintain the maing (laughs). Keep an eye out for more stuff from the Box Of Fun crew, we got some fresh content coming out.

A – When can we expect to see the new Box Of Fun teaser on
C – I'm not sure you're just going to have to check daily and see.

So it sounds like Collin is busy for the next few months. Keep checking back on to see some freshies from the groove master himself.

Go here to watch the current Box Of Fun teaser