This isn’t the exact trick, but we needed another photo to work for the front page of the site… Keep reading for the real thing

Wrapped mute backside 180 w/ Jeff House

1) Edging in wrapped

Edging in you want to have the main handle right in the middle of your back with even tension on both handles. Take a normal progressive edge into the wake. I recommend learning wrapped backside 360’s first so you get used to the cut and handle tension. They’re much easier, as well.


2) Popping off the wake

Once you’ve waited for the pop, give a pull with your front hand (that’s the small wrap handle) so you get some slack in the rope. That slack is what will keep you from going 360 and allow you to just spin a 180. You want to pull hard enough so that you don’t have any line tension while you’re in the air.


3) Getting the grab

Getting the grab is the easy part. Once you’ve waited for the pop and have given a pull with your front hand, just bring your board up to you and drop your chest down toward your knees. I’ve only been able to do this trick with a mute grab because the more balled up you are, the easier it is to land on your toes. I’ve tried a couple nose grabbed ones but kept falling back on my heels. It can be done though, I just haven’t figured it out. Theoretically, you could do melan as well. Get the mute one dialed and just start playing with it.


4) Rotating backside 180

Rotating the backside 180 is the hard part. Actually, stopping yourself from going to three is the hard part. Remember when you pulled with your front hand to get that slack right off the wake? The combination of that slack, your balled up body position, and keeping the main handle as close to your butt as you can, is what keeps you from going to three. As long as you pulled hard enough off the wake so there is no line tension, you can pretty much just float the backside 180.



5) Landing

You want to land with your chest over your toes so you don’t slip out. This is why grabbing mute makes this trick so much easier. You already have your chest over your toes. Hold the grab as long as you can and right as you land the line tension should come back. If you’ve kept the handle close to your butt you won’t get jerked by the rope. You’re going to slip out on your heels a few times before you figure it out, but keep at it. It’s a tricky rotation, but once you figure it out, it’s a crap-load of fun.



Three Keys to landing this trick

1) Giving a hard enough pull off the wake so you don’t have any line tension in the air

2) While grabbing, keep your body balled up and keep the handle close to your rump

3) Anticipate the line tension coming back and land with your chest over your toes