Not Japanese. Not French. All Australian Photo: Rutledge

Hello, my name is        Cobe France         

I am         16 years          old

My hometown is    Gold Coast Queensland     

My favorite riding spot is         Lake Jessamine in Orlando        

For breakfast I ate         Coco Pops         

The weirdest thing about America is         seeing beer everywhere         

The best American food is     Chipotle      

The best wakeboarder in the world is         Sam Brown        

The worst wakeboarding trick is         a switch batwing         

When I’m not wakeboarding I’m usually     skating, surfing and Xbox    

Newest trick I’ve learned was a     rewind    

Worst crash I’ve ever taken was    a raley front edge   

The best Instagram follow is         @themadhueys         

Best DJ       Lewy Watt remix is the Tupac one. It’s flame     

The best thing on long flights is         movies         

The best travel partner is      all the Junior Pro boys. Really good fun     

My social media names are         Instagram: @cobefrance_         

Shout outs to         my family