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James Loisel

Birthdate: June 2nd 1998
Wakeboarding since: 2007
Stance: All the way out
Preferred pull: 75ft
Hometown: Lake Mary, FL

Growing up in Orlando has its perks…   Photo: Aaron Perkins


AW: How were you first introduced to wakeboarding?
JL: Father’s Day 2005, a friend dared me to try it!

AW: You’ve done a bunch of riding with fellow north Orlando native, Jason Soven, the past couple years. How has that influenced your riding/progression?
JL: I feel like it’s really influenced my riding in a positive way because we’re both at the same riding level and we’re both really competitive; and I think that has really helped push both of us to do better.

AW: You had a solid 2014 season in the Junior Pro ranks, what do you hope to accomplish this year?
JL: I hope to be one of the top contenders this year in Jr. Pro, I’ve really been pushing myself hard this offseason and learning some new tricks that I’ll be bringing to the table. Hopefully that helps get me on top of some podiums.

AW: What keeps you busy when you’re not riding?
JL: When I’m not riding I’m either surfing, fishing, wakesurfing… messing around being a teen (laughs). Just trying to maximize my time off the water.

AW: When did you officially start riding for CWB? How’s that going?
JL: I officially started at the beginning of last season. It couldn’t be going any better! I absolutely love riding the Reverb, that thing is a machine that has helped take my riding to new heights!

AW: Who is your favorite rider to watch? Boat and cable.
JL: My favorite boat rider to watch hands down has to be Mike Dowdy. That guy has such a great style and is super innovative, mad respect. And my favorite cable rider to watch is Raph Derome, seems like that guy can do just about anything; with great style, too.

AW: Do you ride much cable or focus more on boat?
JL: I love riding cable, but boat is definitely my main focus. I have a boat in my backyard, and that’s definitely helped influence my decision (laughs).

AW: How do you hope to impact the sport as you continue to progress as an athlete?
JL: I want create a fresh approach to my riding and have a unique and different style that no one has really done before. I want to pave my own path with my own creative style. I feel like the only way a sport will continue to grow is if people break the mold and try to create something better.

AW: Any thanks you’d like to send out?
JL: I’d definitely like to give a HUGE shoutout to my parents. I wouldn’t be where I am at without them! My sponsors: CWB, Nautique Boats, Flomotion Clothing, Electric Visual, Performance Ski and Surf.