photo’s courtesy of Mo Lelii


The Coming Up feature is one we usually save for print, but in the case of James Windsor, you need to know now, RIGHT NOW! Even tomorrow would be too late, so take a seat and get to know the 16 year old Austrailian wonder kid who blindsided the industry in 2012 with podium finishes at countless pro events and a style that takes most board riders at least half a decade to develop (James has only been riding for 3 years). 


 Birthdate: October 20th 1995

Stance: Regular

Preferred Pull: Cable

Years riding: 3

Residence: BLI BLI, Australia


What’s the worst crash you’ve ever taken riding cable?

270 onto a rail then caught a front edge to face onto the rail.  I couldn’t walk in a straight line for a few days and ending up with a black egg on my forehead.



Who is your favorite pro rider to hang out with?

In Australia Mitch Langfield and I share the same home park. He’s so laid back and we have some great cable sessions. He just kills it on the rails; totally different to any other rider I’ve ridden with. He focuses on every little detail, and breaks down every trick to perfection. Overseas I hang out and ride with Manu Rupp, Daniel Grant, Declan Clifford, Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Felix Georgi, Matty Hasler and Angelic Schreiber.



Who is your favorite pro rider to watch ride?

Different people inspire me for different reasons but I love watching Nico Von Lerchenfeld. He is crazy technical and stylish. Watching him ride keeps me inspired to think outside the box.



What was the first wakeboard video you owned?

Impact, I’ve watched it a million times. Still love it.



Where do you spend the majority of your time riding?

I had the summer in Australia, which was awesome this year. The Liquid Force Rail Series, which was a 5 series event this year held around Australia. We also had the International Boardstock comp in Penrith. Tom Fooshee, Daniel Grant, Windy Park, Manu Rupp and riders from all over the globe came. From there I Have spent the last 6 months traveling overseas to the states for the Wake Park Triple Crown, Europe for Boardstock UK, Wake The Line and Fise, and now I have been spending a big chunk of my time riding in the Philippines for a video project with Gov. L Ray. It”s been a crazy year.



Are you currently attending school? 

No, full time rider I finished school last year so I could do the WWA Wake Park World Series this year and ride full time. The last few years I’ve been doing my schooling via Skype which was really cool, but I wanted to concentrate on my riding full time this year. I don’t really miss school at all…..I think I’m one of the lucky one’s who knows what they want to do with there life.



What are some of your other hobbies besides wakeboarding?

In Australia I live 5 mins from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So I grew up going to the beach nearly everyday. Surfing with mates and hanging at the skate park is still something I love to do. Last summer Manu Rupp from Germany and Declan Clifford from the UK came to stay for a few months, so it was pretty much an early morning surf each day, then a cable or boat ride.



What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I don’t usually eat much weird food, I pretty much live on takeaway when I’m travelling. It depends on what it looks like, smells like and where it’s come from ha-ha.  When I’m home in Australia nothing is better than mum’s home cooked meals.



Why did the Australians do to make the Kiwi’s so paranoid?

I have no idea??  They just talk a bit different.



Who is your dream girl?

I think every girl has something special about them, but my dream girl would have to be Amber Heard, from Never Back Down she is gorgeous.



If you were given your own cologne, what would it smell like?

Black XS from Paco Rabanne.



How often do you get to ride boat?

I ride once or twice a week when I’m home in Australia, we have so many amazing places to ride. I really want to develop my boat skills over the next 12 months, to compete internationally. I love riding boat as much as cable. I really want to be a well rounded rider in all aspects of wakeboarding. I think riding each discipline helps me grow as a rider.



What’s your 2 year plan for wakeboarding? Traveling around the world meeting new people and having a great time.

I definitely want to do the WWA Wake Park World Series and the WWA Triple crown next year. I love competing, it’s what really drives me, and this year lining up against the worlds best has been an amazing experience. I have loved riding at so many different cables, the layout and the diversity of the obstacles has been a great experience. Hydrous in Texas, TNG in France, the Bricks in Germany; to name a few of my favorites.   It’s just been the best experience of my life….it’s so much fun.



Is it true that everyone in Australia wears zinc and flip flops to work?

We sometimes have to dress up a bit. But living near the beach, there is a lot of zinc and flip flops. Australia is such a laid back, chilled out place to live, it just makes you want to be outdoors doing something all the time. “Sunny one day, perfect the next” as they say in Australia.



If the world were ending tomorrow? what would you spend all of your money on?

Having a good time with the people that matter the most!



Who would you like to say thanks to? 

I would like to thank Mick Neville and Paul Hodge from Liquid Force Australia, Aaron Grace and Matt Gleason from Liquid Force America for all there help on the tour, and for the awesome boards and bindings. Also Jason from Loose Kid Industries for the amazing gear to ride in, Kirk Langford and Fin Hatch from Gowake Cable park at Bli Bli for giving me this opportunity to travel and compete overseas. Colton Geer and Manu Rupp thanks heaps for letting me crash at your places and for taking me to so many awesome places. And lastly Mum, Dad and my sister Janae…… you guys are awesome, and I miss you heaps….Thanks James