I've just returned to civilization (read: land with Internet access) after spending another super sweet week on Lake McClure at Mike Schwenne's West Coast Camps houseboats. The third annual Alliance Coming Up trip was the reason for this week-long water stay, and much like the first two, it was a great time.

The Coming Up invitees for 2008 were wakeboarders Robert "Bob" Sitchel and Robert "Bob" Soven; and wakeskaters Stu Shinn and Andrew Pastura. For an entire week these guys did nothing but ride their faces off and hangout on Schwenne's houseboats. They were joined by West Coast Camps instructors Tim Walters, Trever Maur, and Jake Weaver, as well as Nor-Cal native Derek Cook, and of course, Mike Schwenne. Needless to say it was a great week of riding, but some serious fun was had on the side, as well. There was an afternoon board swap, where the wakeboarders and wakeskaters traded shred sticks, lots of rock/cliff jumping and "boulder-dashing" (read: rolling large boulders down the hill into the lake), and even some exploring of old train tunnels that only pop up when the lake gets really low late in the fall.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming issue of Alliance that will have the whole story, as well as an upcoming episode of Pull on FUEL TV that will feature the trip in its entirety.