Rider jackets

The 2nd annual VWC YardSale was definitely one for the books. If you weren’t there then you missed out! The weekend kicked off on Friday, April 27th, with qualifiers for the contest. There were 36 riders gunning for the chance to be a part of the main contest and to be drafted onto one of the 5 teams for the edit portion of the contest (be on the lookout for those to drop soon right here on Alliancewake.com). The rules were simple…each rider gets two chances to put down their BEST run on the entire course. The judges were picking every little thing apart and the riders came out swinging. There were plenty of hammers being thrown but if they couldn’t line them up with the next obstacle then their run was almost a bust. Out of the group, 5 emerged to go on to the main contest on Saturday: Yannik Paton, Liam Peacock, Brock Baker, Simon Pettai, and Conrad McIntosh. Once the qualifiers ended, the teams were drawn for the videos and the filming began while the main cable opened to the public. Filming was being done on the main cable as well as time slots for the teams on the System 2.0. Ideas for crazy set ups were being set up right out of the gate and the insanity picked up quickly. Once the sun set and the last rider came in, the party began. 

On Saturday, the contest began and the riders weren’t holding anything back. Working off the same format as the qualifiers, 6 heats were chosen at random and the top rider from each heat was sent to the finals. Out of the heats, the 6 finalists were James Windsor, William Klang, Dary Znebel, John Dreiling, Daniel Grant, and Liam Peacock. Windsor took the water first and threw down with textbook Windsor style. William Klang was not to be outdone and had some of the most creative lines and boosty kicker hits of the day. Daniel Grant went huge like always and spun out of every hit he laid down. John Dreiling got super technical and was smooth as butter. Dary Znebel dropped double flips like it was no problem and Liam Peacock kept the magic alive that got him through the qualifiers and his heat. When the dust settled and the riding was done, the podium consisted of Dary Znebel in 3rd, William Klang in 2nd, and Liam Peacock coming all the way from qualifiers to take the win! Be on the lookout for the recap edit and team edits soon to showcase all the action!

Thanks again to all the sponsors: STZ, Buywake, Rockstar, Sesitec, Space Mob, Slingshot and most importantly the Valdosta Wake Compound for hosting such an awesome event! See you guys next year!

Antoine Allaux gapping on the 2.0

Pratt tweaked out

Boss man Quinn Silvernale backlipping into the bobber

Dommy t’ing it up

Guenther Oka in full send mode

Dary Znebel going t2b on the marshmellow

Big Willy popping out of the Y-rail

Windsor knuckledragging on the bobber

Liam Peacock on his way to 1st place



photos & words: Jeff Mathis