Corrie is a ripper from Tennessee who happens to be the only girl on the Slingshot Team.  I got to see her ride out at the Projects awhile back and I was super impressed by her rail riding.  She is one of the few girls that can conquer most of the objects out there and she does so with good style.  You’ll be seeing more of this girl in the future for sure.

B: Hey Corrie! People might not know you so let’s start out with a little bit about yourself.

C: My name is Corrie Dyer,I’m 20 years old and I live and ride in Crossville, Tennessee

B: Where and who do you usually ride with?

C: I usually ride on Lake Holiday and I usually just get my Mom to pull me! Sometime I ride with Phil Aslinger in Chattanooga when he is in town.

B: What’s your board and boat setup?

C: I ride the Slingshot Pro 134 with jewel bindings and I ride behind a Mastercraft X-Star.

B: Where did you learn how to hit rails?

C: I guess probably first at OWC, there is only one rail built around here in Tennessee where I’m at. There is also a weekly rail jam in knoxville at Wild Wings Cafe. It’s really fun I usually try to make it every week if I can.

B: So are you schooling all the guys there or what?

C: Well its not really a contest, it’s just kind of just more for fun and entertainment. People hangout at the bar and just eat and watch, it’s really fun.  There was this Boomsday Rail Jam that I did and got second, I was the only girl too.

B: What are your favorite tricks to do and what are some ones you hope to land soon?

C: I have the most fun doing grabbed TS BS 180’s and I’m hoping to land some TS BS 360’s soon. I’m getting close on TS 7’s so hopefully I’ll have that trick pretty soon.

B: Do you have a boyfriend, and if you do does he ride?

C: Yes I do, his name is Tyler and he loves to ride.  He likes doing video stuff more though so he has kind of become my personal videographer lately. (laughs) If you check Lockdown Media on Vimeo you can see some of his edits.

B: I’m assuming you are a lot better than him, who are the other girl riders you look up to?

C: I really like Melissa M. a lot, she is pretty gnarly and has awesome style.  Of course Emily, Dallas and Amber rip too.

B: What about guy wakeboarders?

C: Well I really look up to Phil Aslinger a lot, maybe cause I get to ride with him but he’s really good, I also like both the Jeff’s(Mckee and House) style a lot.

B: How often do you come to Orlando?

C: I like coming down in the winter but I usually stay around Tennessee for the summer, it’s beautiful up here.  I’m thinking about moving down to Orlando in January though.

B: Oh man is the boyfriend coming?

C: (Laughs) I don’t think so…

B: You guys might want to talk about all that

C: (Laughs) Is this gonna be in the interview?

B: More than likely, so how was it staying at Jeff Mckee’s house while you were down here for the 2011 Slingshot Catalog shoot? Is there anything he does that’s really weird?

C:  It was great staying at Jeff’s, I’m trying to think of what he does that is kind of weird, I guess he’s kind of a clean freak.  He would sweep his house like three or four times a day, he’d always have the broom in his hand.

B:  Did you get a chance to hear the mixtape he has in his car?

C: Oh yeah that was pretty surprising, I didn’t expect him to listen to Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and stuff like that.

B: (Laughs) Yeah you’d think a guy with 20’s on his car would try to roll a little tougher, anyways who has helped you out along the way that you’d like to thank?

C: My Mom and Dad, Tyler, Uncle Tim, and Jason at America Boat Center. Definitely all my sponsors too, Slingshot, Mastercraft, Oneill, and American Boat Center.