O’Brien Wakeboards recently caught up up with Cory Teunissen and here’s what he had to say about his 2014 season thus far and his new signature wakeboard for 2015 the CTP:

Tell us about your season so far,  you’ve won Masters and the Malibu Rider Experience right?
I have had a great start to the season this year.  To win the US Masters was a dream come true as that is such a prestiges event and is even a honor to get invited to.  And to be crowed the first ever Malibu rider experience Jr. Pro champion is something that will stick with me for a while. I honestly couldn’t be happier on how I am going.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2014?
Probably to win the rest of the upcoming events. I am such a competitive person that every time I enter a event I go there to win, not just for the sake of it, so I definitely take contests seriously. Apart from contests, I just want to keep riding, trying new things, keep trying to push myself to be the best person and athlete I can be.

You mentioned during our 2015 photo shoot that you’re got a pretty in-depth video project in the works?
Yes, that is the plan anyway. At the end of the day I just want to put out something with some new tricks that people didn’t know I could do, and also to make everything look as good as it can be, even if it is on cable or boat. I just want to put something out that I am 100% proud to show to people. If I put enough effort into it I’m sure it will be sick!

Everything you’ve been doing has been sick lately! What’s been the highlight of 2014 so far?
There was one week that was probably the best week of my life. I had just won the overall on the Malibu Rider Experience, flew back home to Orlando, jumped on my new pro model for the first time in about a month and a half. Two days later landed my first ever double flip off the wake, which I was absolutely stoked on. Then the next day I landed a heel side 1080 off the double up. Then three days later I officially released my pro model so everyone could see it. It felt like it had been written in a book and I was just acting out the story. I will definitely always remember that one week for the rest of my life.

That’s awesome! We’ll get to your new board in a bit but I’m curious… Can you leak any details on Supra’s new SE?
This boat is definitely a game changer for the wake boat industry. All I can say is that when we were testing it at the shoot this year, we had a small engine, one extra bag and probably about 5 or 6 people in the boat, and it was about the same size as my boat fully weighted if not bigger with a big engine. So now with this boat coming out and with the help of the Indmar’s new engine, there really is no limit to how big the wake can get or even what shape you want it to be….

The entire O’Brien crew is anxious to check it out! How much extra weight are you running now-a-days? You guys must burn a ton of fuel?
I probably put an extra 1500 pounds in the boat, maybe a little more maybe a little less not sure (I’m used to kilos haha). But its definitely big and everyone who has come out says they love it and can do everything they do first go pretty much. Gas wise, it’s just the same as any other professional wake boarders boat. It probably goes through about 5 gallons in 20-30 mins.

You’ve landed a double flip and Toeside 1080 this year, congrats! What’s the next trick on your list?
I can’t believe this year I have landed 2 different 1080’s and a double flip. But I really just want to keep ticking off more mobe 5’s and maybe try some different double flips and 10’s. I like to just ride and whatever feels good at the time work on that till I am confident enough to try something new.

Sounds like a solid plan. Let’s chat about your new pro model the CTP, when you and Chris were developing the board how did you want it to ride?
Yeah I was working with Chris for ages. But really I wanted a user-friendly board that anyone from a beginner to pro rider can jump on and love. It’s a pretty fast, skatey, poppy board that is super predictable through the wake. I know that a lot of beginners dig they’re edges a lot, so I thought having a skatier board would reduce the chance of catching those edges and getting hurt.

It has some carbon strips in the core right? What do those do?
It just makes the board a lot more aggressive through the wake and helps to maximize the pop.

Chat us up on the Rocker line, what rocker did you decide on?
I have ridden boards with a 3-stage rocker all my life, so it was an easy decision to pick what type of rocker I wanted. Personally, I just feel that three stage rocker boards release better off the wake.

With the added carbon to the rocker, the CTP must explode off the wake?
Dude the pop is insane, but I can ramble on about how much I love the board, how good it pops and how it tracks through the water etc… But you’ve gotta just try it out and see how much pop it really has!

Stoked to hear! I’m anxious to take it for a set but unfortunately I’ll have to wait till expo like everyone else. Thanks for your time Cory! See ya at Expo and best of luck for the remainder of 2014! Any additional sponsors you’d like to thank?
Firstly and most importantly thanks to my family as they are my most supportive sponsors, in addition to Red Bull, Jet Pilot, Supra Boats, Dragon and Boardco.

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