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I hate to do this to you guys, but this one is just to good to hide from the internet world…I’m in Salt Lake for my “bachelor’s week” with the best of friends including X-pro shredders Chase Heavener, My brother Billy McKee, some of the alliance guys and a few others.

Yesterday was by far the most epic day any of us had ever experienced in snow! Why? Because Chase booked a Helicopter for a “pow pow blue bird”  backcountry session! He said it was an early wedding gift to me, and I obviously accepted with pleasure, as did the rest of us. However, this doesn’t mean he’s off the hook for that “Windtunnel T-series” Vacuum by Hoover.

When we got to the Heli Pad and the chopper landed for the first time, things got REAL! The conditions couldn’t have been better with snow all week and then taking the heli on the first clear day…We all piled in and within minutes were hovering over completely untouched faces covered in 2-3 feet of powder. The first run was unbelievable: We were floating the whole way down dragging hands on turns until our back legs burnt out. The feeling was unbelievable! Then when we finally got to the base the Helicopter was there ready to load up and take another. We took 5 runs total and found more stoke in one day than I can usually find in a full week of snow. I’m 100 % confident that my switch toeside is going to ten times better when I get back on the wake, and for this reason I will be writing off the entire trip. It’s legit right?

P.S. All the photo’s were taken using either the I Phone 4 or the Gopro HD. Not bad eh?